From Southern California to Tennessee, Maggie Casper's life has changed quite dramatically over the last few years. Her four gorgeous daughters are now grown and on their own and Maggie is allowed to boast about her two beautiful grandchildren whenever she wants.

     While many things have changed, one has remained constant, Maggie's love for the written word. Over the years, Maggie's love for hot and sexy stories blossomed until not only does she enjoy writing about alternative relationship styles, but doing so probably started her on the road to the poly, kinky relationship she lives, where daily she finds love and acceptance.

     While busy, Maggie's day to day life could be considered very ordinary, boring even, just the way she likes it. However, between her close circle of friends, family and three amazing partners, Maggie describes her every day existence as blessed.

     When not reading or writing, Maggie can usually be found outside. Whether on a hike, riding her motorcycle or just enjoying some yard work, Maggie will usually have some sort of music playing. Being out of doors is necessary for the filling of her spiritual bucket as are music and the presence of those she loves. 

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